Candle Care Guide

Candles Bloom really want you to get the best fragrance and hours of joy from your candles, so please see below our candle care guide to ensure you get the most out of your candle!

Lighting Your Candle

Please remove all packaging before use.

Before lighting, please trim your candle to approximately 5mm. Trimming means you can enjoy candle for longer.

Please ensure use ideal surface, which is heat safe, away from drafts, and out of reach of pets, children, draperies and furniture.

Please do not try to trim your wick whilst your candle is lit, the tin can get very hot, and you may get burnt.

When lightning your candle, please allow enough time for a full wax pool (to the edge of the tin/jar) to form. This prevents your candle from tunnelling.

Please don’t allow the candle to burn for longer than 3-4 hours each time.

Putting out your candle

To be safe, we recommend you use a snuffer to extinguish your candle.

Blowing it out can cause some of the wick to drop into the wax and slightly damage the wick.

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